My name is Michael Montoya - I began working with witness in 2019 to create composite sketches of the creatures they encountered in the woods and desert. Selling prints of my original artwork allows me to continue working with witnesses pro bono and helps support other media projects I’m creating with The Drawings Of Bigfoot. A few things that are important to note - NONE OF THE PRINTS ON THIS WEBSITE ARE WITNESS COMPOSITE SKETCHES - I do not sell any witness composite-sketches. I do occasionally post composite sketches on my social media from time to time but only when I have permission from the witness to do so. If you’ve had an encounter and would like to create a sketch of the creature you saw, contact me at thedrawingsofbigfoot [!at] gmail.com. If a witness wishes to keep their identity, their drawing and our entire experience private, it will be kept private. There is no charge for this service, therefore, I reserve the right to work with/not work with anyone I choose. The process is very elaborate, analytical and will most likely require a great deal of patience, but I’m here and ready to listen.

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